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The Bitcoin Layer is a bitcoin and global macro research firm. Consider it picking up where Nik’s book Layered Money left off—how is bitcoin changing the monetary system in front of our eyes, where is it on that path, and is it heading to a price beyond $1 million?

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The Bitcoin Layer is published three times weekly, delivering timely analysis and in-depth research focusing on how bitcoin is actively swallowing parts of the legacy financial system, one at a time.

This publication represents our opinions, analysis, and research; it is not financial advice. We employ every component of the research arsenal Nik has gathered since 2010: global macroeconomics, geopolitics, the Federal Reserve, interest rate markets, price study, bitcoin, Lightning Network, and the future of digital currency.

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About Nik Bhatia

Nik Bhatia is a financial researcher and Adjunct Professor of Finance and Business Economics at the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business where he teaches Applied Finance in Fixed Income Securities and Bitcoin and Digital Assets. He is author of the #1 bestseller Layered Money: From Gold and Dollars to Bitcoin and Central Bank Digital Currencies. Previously, Nik worked the US Treasuries trading desk for a large institutional asset manager and has extensive trading experience in money markets and interest rate futures. He has a BA in Social Sciences from University of Southern California, a Master in Finance from IE Business School in Madrid, Spain, and is both a CFA and CMT charterholder. Nik lives in Los Angeles, CA with his wife and daughter.

About Joe Consorti

Joe Consorti is a market analyst and recent graduate of the University of Vermont Grossman School of Business where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Finance and Economics. At The Bitcoin Layer, he researches financial markets and the wider bitcoin ecosystem to provide timely analysis through our publication. Joe crunches granular data to create all of our proprietary financial models and weaves them into a narrative thread for our readers. He is developing expertise in the rates market in order to guide readers through the economic cycle. Joe lives in Boston, MA.

About Matthew Ball

Matthew Ball is a creative marketing professional and graduate of Miami University’s Farmer School of Business, where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Interactive Media Studies. Matthew currently works as a Staff Designer at GE Aviation and is keenly interested in human-centered design. At The Bitcoin Layer, he acts as Creative Director and works with Nik & Joe to produce well-designed, premium content. Matthew is from North Carolina.

The Bitcoin Layer is a research provider only and does not offer financial advice. Nothing contained in the publication herein, or stated through another medium by the individual researchers constitutes financial advice. Please consult your financial advisor and conduct your own research before making investment decisions.

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