Sitemap - 2022 - The Bitcoin Layer

On-chain chart pack: the spring is coiling

TBL Weekly #7

Fed to keep hiking blindfolded, commodities suggest peak inflation.

Ethereum funeral watch, CPI stops increasing

TBL Weekly #6

Bitcoin is telling us what the S&P 500 will do.

TBL's 2.5% 10-year Treasury target reached. Bitcoin establishes real support. Another hike in September.

TBL Weekly #5

The Time Value of Lightning Network

Policy error chart pack and global macro update: the Fed has murdered the economy

TBL Weekly #4

Are there any bitcoin sellers left?

TBL YouTube back online, Layered Money Q&A on Friday

Is bitcoin an inflation hedge? Yes, no, semantics.

TBL Weekly #3

After 8 months of bleed, risk-off is ending

Getting bullish on miner capitulation

TBL Weekly #2

Crypto dominoes fall, 3AC forced to liquidate

More Cycle! Explaining TBL's Wayfinder

TBL Weekly #1

Independence Day chart pack: rates+bitcoin

GBTC spot ETF rejected, Grayscale sues SEC

Economic Cycle Wayfinder

Soft landing? Yeah, about that...

Do yield curve inversions precede recessions? Yes.

Bitcoin's fair valuation update

YouTube channel launches, first video on understanding Lightning Network

Bitcoin's first major recession: Part Two

Bitcoin's first major recession: Part One

Fed-day recap, inflationary recession?

75 basis point Fed hike preview

Panic chart pack: there will be blood

The case for DCA maximalism

No QE? Treasury will issue bills.

The Bitcoin Layer's next layer

Electricity Hash Valuation

QT2 begins. What is Quantitative Tightening?

Insiders always dump

The Fed is in a race against time

What is bitcoin's fair value?

If the price changes, so does the narrative

Narrator: support did not hold

Cinco de Mayo bloodbath

The Bitcoin Layer, Spring 2022 recap

Economic slowdown chart pack: peaking Treasury yields, Fed's permission to hike, and steady ol' bitcoin

Lightning Network, age 4

Bitcoin versus "the dollar"

Calculated risk-taking, bitcoin crude oil contracts, stablecoin backing, and SegWit:LN::Taproot:Taro

There is no bubble bursting in Treasuries

Bitcoin's price regime, more hikes coming

Fed hikes 25 basis points as expected

Inflation heating up, Fed to hike, watch for a steepening - global macro update - 3/11/2022

Cracks in the dollar system once again - global macro update - 3/4/2022

CBDCs: the good, the bad, & the totalitarian

Bitcoin was built for a multipolar world

Voltage to sponsor The Bitcoin Layer

Bitcoin and the American middle class

Russia invades Ukraine

Bitcoin, front and center stage

Valentine's Day chart pack: inflation, rate hikes, and bitcoin


In depth interview with NLW/CoinDesk

Fed to hike rates in March

BTC fails at $39,600 support

Stablecoins are a gateway drug

Arthur Hayes: Bitcoin could be heading below $30,000 on capitulation

Most thought-provoking bitcoin questions

Crypto literacy and the NCAA's new name, image, and likeness policy