Sitemap - 2023 - The Bitcoin Layer

Bitcoin Never Left

ISM Manufacturing Declines As Investors Flee To Safety: TBL Weekly #72

Have you recognized this warning sign?

And Then There Were None.

Thanksgiving Bitcoin & Macro Talking Points

"Soft Landing" Headlines Soar... A Great Recession Indicator: TBL Weekly #71

Understanding Reverse Repo (RRP)

Prices Never Fall

Bitcoin Soars As US Treasury Volatility Cripples Regional Banks: TBL Weekly #70

Oil spill: why and what's next

Loan officers drop the US' economic anchor with more loan tightening in Q3

Recession Imminent As Yields Plummet & Economy Sours: TBL Weekly #69

Did you feel that?

Bull or Bear, and does the Fed care?

SBF Feigns Ignorance After Defrauding Customers Of Billions: TBL Weekly #68

Stocks Are Slipping As Rate Hikes Do Their Magic: 5-Minute Market Rundown

Bitcoin up 100% in 2023

Bitcoin Touches $30,000 As Stocks Dump & The Yield Curve Heats Up 🔥: TBL Weekly #67

The Fake Bitcoin ETF News Was A Fire Drill

Consumers Are Cruisin For A Q4 Bruisin: TBL Weekly #66

Bitcoin, Stocks, & Bonds: Pros + Cons

Tales From The Curve: Economic Woes Ahead

Part-Time Jobs Soar As People Struggle To Make Ends Meet: TBL Weekly #65

Can't blink, won't blink

Intervention Watch: Bear Steepening & Dollar Rally Has Central Banks On Edge

T-minus 17 hours until the US government shuts down... again: TBL Weekly #64

5 Most Important Drivers Right Now

Bitcoin Analysis As Markets Dwindle On The Precipice

Rates Are Spiking & The Yield Curve Signals Something Bad Up Ahead: TBL Weekly #63

The World's Borrowing Cost Hits 15-Year High As Powell Says No Recession Until 2027

Profound implications of Saylor's latest revelation

Inflation Roars & Stocks Slide On The 15th Anniversary of Lehman's Demise: TBL Weekly #62

Boring FOMC meetings & spicy markets

BNB, Binance & Bitcoin Are On The Brink

Red October On The Horizon: TBL Weekly #61

Fed conspiracy to kill Eurodollar banks?

Liquidity Is Dropping Fast & The Fed Risks Market Havoc: September 2023 Update

US job data slides & regional banks are warned of danger yet again: TBL Weekly #60

ETF approval only matter of time

45% of student loan borrowers expect to go delinquent

Powell is navigating by the stars under cloudy skies: TBL Weekly #59

Jackson Hole Chart Pack

Bitcoin Liquidations, Volatility, and Flows Chart Pack

Bitcoin Pukes 15% & SpaceX Sells Its $373 Million Holdings: TBL Weekly #58

Reality Check Chart Pack

Rich in the '70s is poor in 2023

"Soft Landing" Is A Pipe Dream, & July CPI Inflation Rises: TBL Weekly #57

China Defaults Coming, What Will Xi Do?

The Corporate, CRE, and AirBNB Debt Timebomb

Job Market Jitters: TBL Weekly #56

Yields Melt Up: Treasury Duration Hitting Markets Now

Japan Back To QE After 48 Hours, US Banks Tighten Lending, and Bitcoin Is A Stablecoin

Superconductors & Rake Hikes: TBL Weekly #55

Powell To Bring The Pain

The S&P 500 is 5% off an all-time high, stellar earnings this week could send it there

Meme Stocks Return & Banks Beat Earnings: TBL Weekly #54

Can the US Fiscal Deficit Cause Inflation?

Bitcoin Miners Are Up 450% In 2023

Markets Are Euphoric, Time To Be Cautious: TBL Weekly #53

Credibility, Euphoria, & Disaster

The inflation battle is won, now banks are in the crosshair

"Strong" Labor Data Solidifies July Rate Hike, Sovereign Debt Crisis Brews: TBL Weekly #52

Asset Managers Are Pro-Bitcoin

50%-Off Fourth of July Discount

Happy 4th of July! Soft Landing Hopes Abound: TBL Weekly #51

Chart Pack: Quiet Fed, Loud Markets

Russia's (Short) Mutiny, BRICS Needs Dollars, & Germany Nears Reverse QE

Emergency Fed Liquidity Is Pumping The Market, Welcome To Summer: TBL Weekly #50

Bitcoin Above $30,000: Why The Rip?

The US Treasury Oil Spill, UK Gilts At Crisis Levels, and BlackRock's Trojan Horse

BlackRock Files For A Spot Bitcoin ETF: TBL Weekly #49

Fed Finally Pauses, Damage Already Done

Liquidity Trouble In Paradise: Bitcoin Update

Binance On The Brink, Fresh US Debt Is Coming, Fed Pause Likely: TBL Weekly #48

Jerome, Our Skipper

SEC Sues Binance & Coinbase For Breaking US Securities Law, Shocking Absolutely Nobody

There Is No New Money: TBL Weekly #47

Debt Ceiling Debacle & Liquidity Contraction—June 2023 Update

Stocks & bitcoin peer over a cliff as the US Treasury is set to refill its coffers

Market Soars Like The Roaring '20s, Robust Data Brings Rate Hikes Back: TBL Weekly #46

Germany enters recession, dollar charges back

Market Insights on Yield, QT, and Loan Forgiveness

Bitcoin's time to shine: TBL Weekly #45

Bitcoin's next halving could converge with the Fed's next easing cycle

Blockspace is highly in demand, a milestone in bitcoin's maturity: TBL Weekly #44

A recession is not desired, it's required

Banks report falling loan demand, the Fed's tightening is trickling into the economy

Powell is afraid to pivot again, the decimation of regional banks is the price: TBL Weekly #43

Full Blown Banking Crisis Is Here, Nationalization Underway

Banking crisis is not going anywhere, and the Treasury is out of money

Record-high emergency FHLB loans send alarm bells on bank funding stress: TBL Weekly #42

Bitcoin Is Swallowing The World

Sell in May and go away? A chart pack.

Corporate default rates rise, Bitcoin slips on a banana peel: TBL Weekly #41

A tax day for ants causes more stress for the US Treasury as debt ceiling D-Day nears

Dollar Challengers: Euro, Yuan, Gold, and Bitcoin

Spring Has Sprung: TBL Weekly #40

Federal Reserve infighting, economy worsens

Bitcoin's first major recession: Part Three

Objects In The Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear: TBL Weekly #39

5 Signs The Global Recession Is Here

Risk Asset Rally in the Eye of the Storm—April 2023 Update

Emergency chart pack: when in doubt, zoom out

Credit stress ebbs, Fed pause rally is here, the downturn is just beginning: TBL Weekly #38

Jamie Dimon to be interviewed under oath in Epstein sex trafficking case

Commercial real estate is the next victim of the credit crunch

Bank runs continue, Fed lending to everyone, market expects rate cuts: TBL Weekly #37

Where did you come from, where did you go?

Distressed institutions rush to bolster liquidity: Banking Crisis Update

BTFP = Stealth QE, banks in extreme distress, bitcoin > $27,000: TBL Weekly #36

Risks are balanced, trouble in Europe

The Fed just got cooked

Silicon Valley Bank collapses in the second-largest bank failure in US history

LIVE EVENT: Bitcoin & The Future of Money with Nik Bhatia

The market has a gambling problem

Leveraged-longs get liquidated, good economic news is bad news for markets: TBL Weekly #34

Net Liquidity Dropping and Disinflation Stalling—March 2023 Update

The Plane Must Land

The 'Higher For Longer' Jitters: TBL Weekly #33

Inflation Reaccelerating, Danger Looms

The LIBOR ⟶ SOFR transition cements the Fed's global monetary authority

Markets Closed Today, Bitcoin Is Open: TBL Weekly #32

Correlations Are Shifting & Bitcoin Touches $25,000

Where's The Recession?

Markets Readjust To Robust Economic Data, All Eyes On CPI: TBL Weekly #31

Ordinal Inscriptions & Fears of Clogging The Blockchain

Greatest Hits, Daily Candles Chart Pack

Largest Bitcoin Block Ever, Red-Hot Surprises in Economic Data: TBL Weekly #30

Lightning Network Is Now Synonymous with Bitcoin

Powell's soft pivot, rates reaction

Tech Layoff Tsunami, Fed Rate Decision, & Bitcoin's Bullish Consolidation: TBL Weekly #29

Reports of the dollar's death have been greatly exaggerated

PUBLIC: Stock Market, Unresolved

Bitcoin Fair Value Analysis: TBL Weekly #28

The Quiet Period, Bitcoin hits $22,000

Higher for (not much) longer

Accelerating Disinflation, Deflation, & Bitcoin Rally: TBL Weekly #27

Bitcoin: It's Alive! Chart Pack

Bullish Treasuries Chart Pack

Economic Deterioration, Risk Markets, & Liquidity Conditions: TBL Weekly #26

Bitcoin's Longest Bear Market Ever

2023 Opening Thoughts On Bitcoin, Recession, and Stimulus